Saturday, May 18, 2013

Latest News About Jailbreak iPad 3 Release Date

It seems, that the release of the new iPad, which appeared to be last week, is not enough for Apple fans to satisfy their desires. Everybody, who consider him- or herself to be the member of Apple community, is now waiting for the jailbreak iPad 3 release. However, at this moment the only thing we have got is the rumors concerning this theme.

According to the latest rumors, the jailbreak iPad 3 release date is on its way into our hands. One of our sources, the Dev-Team blog, has reported, that several hackers are working hard to produce a new method of jailbreak. They consider that the method which was used to jailbreak iPad of the second generation is also suitable for the iOS 5.1. However, it remains to be among the list of rumors, so you'd better wait for the more proven variants.

There is also an opinion, that the A5X chip of the new iPad hide some surprises. In the line of this opinion, they say, that Apple produce every gadget with more and more protected processer, so the hackers who are currently trying to jailbreak the third iPad have to work hard on it.

One of the most famous hackers, who are now working on jailbreak, pod2g recently informed his follower Nick with very interesting information. Nick has asked him, that he had heard, that pod2g is working on jailbreak iPad 3 release thing. So pod2g answered, that he was actively finding vulnerabilities in 5.1.

What we can advise you at this moment, is that if you are a lucky owner of new iPad, you'd better not update it past. Don't do this procedure, as in future it might harm your jailbreaking needs. Even if you still doesn't know the jailbreak iPad 3 release date, you'd better do according to our advise.