Friday, May 3, 2013

Release of Angry Birds Space and New Games Features

The Release of the brand-new and absolutely fantastic game, to be more correct, the release of Angry Birds Space, finally happened. And you know what this means. If you have either iPhone or iPad, you can confidently go to the App Store and purchase it. Yes you have heard the scenario of this game.

The main characters are that very birds, which are angry, who are revenging to cruel green pigs, who have stolen their eggs. The release of Angry Birds Space became so popular, that the Rovio Mobile developers hooked up with NASA to announce the title in space. Can you imagine how actually this game is great?

What have learned from the Press Release of Angry Birds Space game, that the game sees the eponymous birds shift into space. There will be approximately 60 different levels spread across both planets. You will also get into zero - gravity situations. Like it? Of course you do! And what is really important is that the players will be able to do trick-shots with the help of various gravity pulls. But this is not the only feature, which will appear in the new style of gameplay.

From the Press Release of Angry Birds Space game, we also learned about new characters. The developers added new birds and new superpowers. There also hidden bonus levels and new in-app purchase content.

What is really amazing about this release of Angry Birds, is that the prices for the game is just normal. For example, if you are a user of iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you can purchase the game on iTunes App Store for only $0.99. You know, I would pay all my money for such a cool game!:) By the way, there is the HD version available for the iPad, which priced $2.99. Just like Land a panda HD.

That’s all for today!