Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Samsung's Music Hub has already released in UK, France and Germany

The last theme we posted about was that consumer reports organization supported new iPad 3.

Do you know that Samsung's Music Hub launches in UK, France and Germany, offers 100GB storage, unlimited streaming? Continue to read this post below!

According to engadget site we already knew Samsung was dipping a toe in the music market, and now it's officially landed. Music Hub will launch with the GSIII in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. It's fair to say the electronics giant will be trampling on a fair number of toes, with Music Hub offering both streaming - from 7 Digital's catalog of 19 million - as well as recommendations, and a 100GB iTunes Match-esque cloud service.

You'll need to trump up £ / €9.99 (about $16) if you want the premium features (unlimited streaming from the catalog and the online storage of your library,) while the free option will let you listen to matched / purchased tracks anywhere (from your phone or the web interface). Samsung's clearly taking a holistic approach with Music Hub, and it'll be a standard feature on its phones going forward (plus potentially Smart TVs and even Fridges). It might not just be restricted to its own hardware eco-system either, with some talk of it coming to other mobile devices in the future, officially,this time.