Thursday, November 7, 2013

Check Find My iPhone Activation Lock Status Before Paying for a Used iPhone

It doesn’t matter what iOS runs the iPhone you wish to purchase from someone on eBay, Craglist and similar websites. You should run Find My iPhone iCloud lock check service beforehand if you are thinking about unlocking, updating to iOS 7 or reselling the gadget in the future. Apple presented new changes this year with the release of iOS 7 and Activation lock feature can make the device completely useless if it is turned on by previous owner.

This firmware offers a lot of great options and a lot of people have already installed it on their gadget. Users who got the device from resellers might experience problems while updating because of Activation Lock feature being turned on by previous iPhone owner. The result can upset you, especially if you can’t contact that owner and ask for his Apple ID / passcode information in order to unlock your handset.

You can get stuck with the lock screen and not be able to use your smartphone on iOS 7 at all. Isn’t this problem frustrating? I bet it is. We advise you to run Find My iPhone iCloud Lock checker to learn whether it is on or off before you unlock or purchase a used iPhone.

The service will not protect you from getting a “brick” device, but it will be your weapon as you will know for sure whether or not to get the handset you have chosen from a third-party person. You can always ask the seller to turn Find My iPhone off before handing you the device so that you can either use your Apple ID / passcode for further unlocks or never use this feature.

The thing is if you forget this information [password and ID] you will not be able to reset it… So simply choose iCloud passcodeLock checker for iOS 7 devices and stay safe. If the problem with being locked once and forever already exists try to get rid of iOS 7 Find My iPhone Activation lock distantly by using this service. Hopefully you have no problems with the new lock option at all.