Saturday, February 15, 2014

How to Unlock AT&T iPhone SIM Card at AT&T

AT&T iPhone users who happen to enter their PIN incorrectly three times in a row have their SIM card locked. It is possible to unlock AT&T iPhone SIM card using the official carrier’s service. If you visit the company’s website you will see how exactly to do in order to get a successful solution. Here is a detailed instruction for AT&T customers who are in trouble and wish to solve the problem as soon as possible.

It is required to know your PUK code in order to unlock the iPhone which SIM is locked. PIN won’t help you any more since you couldn’t remember it or mistyped some character a few times. Follow this guide to get PUK and unlock AT&T iPhone.

Step 1. AT&T customers need to be registered at the carrier’s site. Do so if you haven’t done it already and login to choose myAT&T menu located at the page’s top.

Step 2. You need to hover over the menu called Wireless Services now. This way you’ll be able to choose My Phone / Device section. If you have several numbers with your account press to Select the one you have accidentally blocked.

Step 3. Go to Manage My Phone / Device menu and choose Unlock SIM via PIN Unlock. This is where you will see the screen with the PUK number and details on how to unlock SIM card via this code.

Step 4. Use your PUK and unlock the gadget’s mobile number. Your SIM card should be now unlocked letting you making phone calls and sending messages.

If you happen to see that your PUK code is blocked, you should call AT&T at 611 or 800-331-0500 [for U.S. customers] and find out to solve the problem. PUK numbers get blocked if you enter them incorrectly ten times in a row. There is no way how you can recover such a SIM. The only solution is to get a new SIM for your AT&T iPhone from this carrier.