Friday, February 14, 2014

iPhone Network Status Checker by IMEI Code

A lot of carriers are eager to unlock their customer’s iPhone for free once it is out of contract. But it’s hard to remember when this date comes making you eligible for the free service. Luckily, there is one great service called iPhone Network Checker that can give you the answer to the question that worries you the most.

If your device is out of contract but you don’t know about it and order the unlock from AT&T or third-party companies you have to pay money. Would you like to save your money unlocking your iPhone for free or as cheap as possible? We bet you would so here is how to achieve your goal.

Find IMEI Code on the iPhone

You need to know your IMEI number in order to run free iPhone network status checker tool. It is easy to get this code. You should simply enter *#06# on your smartphone and the 15-digit code will appear on your screen. This is IMEI. You need this number so remember it or write somewhere as you’ll have to use it soon.

How to Check iPhone Network Status Using IMEI Number

There are a lot of sites that offer to check your network status by iPhone IMEI code. Choose the company you trust for this service as it is simple and fast.

You will see the field where you can enter IMEI number. Do so and click “Submit”. This is it. Wait a bit and read information about your iOS gadget.

Most IMEI checkers support any iPhone model, carrier and iOS version. The checker will show you the following information:

  • The date your warranty ends
  • Your serial number
  • iPhone model
  • Activation status
  • Version of operating system
  • iPhone Network
  • Locked / unlocked status

You will also learn whether you are on contract or already off contract as a lot of companies can manually check this information for you. If your AT&T iPhone contract has ended, you can contact this carrier and order free AT&T iPhone unlock.