Saturday, August 30, 2014

Apple iCloud No Service [Servers Down] Again

Users have noticed some Apple iCloud no service issues. This happens once in a while when iCloud service is not working. Apple iCloud no service message is not a surprise any more. The company’s services are sometimes unavailable to users, and such problem happened not so long ago. Users noticed iCloud no service signal and the famous iPhone maker reported the downtime on its website.

The confirmation about iCloud service being down came from Apple soon after people began to wonder what happened to this service. During the downtime a lot of users cannot access some options, but luckily such issues are fixed as soon as possible.

iCloud Server Not Working Report

This new August problem with iCloud no service problem affected such options as iCloud iOS 7 lock, Notes, Backup feature, Reminders and Find My Friends. These are not the only things users couldn’t access. The issues were faced with Contacts, Sing-in, Calendar and other features as well.

It looks like there were no problems with GameCenter and Apple Online Store so iCloud no service fix was required for the options mentioned above only.

As for August 22 the issue is solved and everything is working properly again. Have you experience any problems between August 21 and 22 when Apple was working on iCloud server down fix? Were you one of the lucky users who noticed no outages at all and had no problems with Apple iCloud no service?