Wednesday, August 20, 2014

August iCloud Mail Issues: Extended Outage Solved by Now

Once in a while users experience iCloud Mail not working. This issue is always solved by Apple as quickly as possible, so the new August iCloud Mail outage experienced by iOS fans is nothing new.
The new issue doesn’t cause iCloud mail to be down. Besides, these iCloud iPhone problems are not common.

They are faced by some users only who have to wait as iCloud Email is slow to send.

The first reports about iCloud mail search being slow and long outage were mentioned by Apple on Friday, August 8, according to Apple. As for iCloud Mail issues today, there are none, according to the same source.

The problem is gone, and Apple is now assuring that all users should have no issues with iCloud Mail service as it is running as usual without any outage.

If you happen to have the problems, you can contact Apple to resolve everything as the outage is gone, and everyone should now get their emails through iPhone or iCloud Mail service in time without having to wait.