Monday, August 18, 2014

Can I Still Use SAM Activation Tickets for iPhone Unlock?

It has become fully legal to unlock phones in the U.S.A lot of users wonder how they can unlock their iPhone now. There are a lot of methods you can try using, and it’s better to begin with the free ones. iOS 7 SAM iPhone 4 / 4S unlock can be a great solution to people who used this tool in the past and saved the activation tickets.

SAM was a great creation that was sadly killed by Apple in April 2012. As one famous hacker MuscleNerd, reported back then, activation tickets for SAM unlock might be re-used until 2015. Thus you have half a year for still unlocking for free, as from April 2015 these tickets will become useless and you’ll have to order another unlock service.

Back in 2012 you had to jailbreak your iPhone in order to unlock it. Fans of unlocking were impatiently waiting for the jailbreak tool to be released and used iPhone 4 unlock with SAM afterwards. Those of you have saved their activation tickets the correct way and keep that old SIM card used to save them can now unlock any carrier and any baseband during the next 3 years from the date you saved your tickets.

Your SAM activation tickets for iPhone 4 or 4S expire exactly three years from the date they were saved by you. You can check this date to be sure whether you can use your backed up SAM activation tickets for legal free unlock these days.

If your tickets have already expired, you can still unlock your iPhone and there is no need to jailbreak it if you don’t want to. There is another method popular these days: IMEI factory unlock which is safe to use and provides you with a permanent result.

This article will not explain in details how to unlock iPhone 4 with SAM. It is meant to explain for how long these tickets can be used if you have them saved along with the original SIM.

If you are curious how to get SAM activation tickets in 2014, we’ll tell you this is impossible. This old tool was developed by Loktar Sun and even though it supports iOS 6 and iOS 7 firmware unlocks, not many users can actually take advantage of it.

If you unlock your iPhone using SAM you will have to repeat this procedure for each new SIM card you want to insert and use. It is free, but modern iPhone owners wish to become unlocked once and permanently which is not possible with SAM but is possible with IMEI factory unlock.