Thursday, August 7, 2014

T-Mobile Beats AT&T Data Plan Price with Even More Affordable Package

T-Mobile iPhone users can benefit from the new Family Plan launched by the carriers on July 30 which is better than AT&T, claims the carrier.

Trying to slam the pricing packages from AT&T, T-Mobile launches its new Family Plan. This plan is available for iPhone and other smartphone users since July 30. According to the carrier’s CEO John Legere, the summer’s T-Mobile Family Plan for iDevices and other gadgets offers “even more affordable deal” for Americans.

New T-Mobile Family Plan for iPhone Introduced

T-Mobile Family Plan data pricing responds to the “Best-Ever Pricing” offer from AT&T. Starting on the end of July, users can get use up to 10GB of the fast 4G LTE network for the family of 4 members with each line getting up to 2.5GB. This package costs $100 a month and such offer is available until 2016 meaning you can grab the deal and use it in 2014 and 2015.

Besides, you can order T-Mobile iPhone unlock later on and switch to a different mobile operator in any country across the world. You will be able to switch SIMs whenever you like to and preserve your Apple warranty. Factory unlock is fast to get and affordable, so don’t hesitate to unlock when you are ready to become SIM-free from all carriers, including T-Mobile.

There is no need to unlock T-Mobile iPhone if you can use such a plan, isn’t it? This offer comes with all the benefits offered by Un-carrier along with tethering, unlimited text and data in 120+ countries, unlimited music and other advantages.

Even the Simple Choice plan offered by T-Mobile offers more than other American mobile operators. Don’t hesitate to try the Family Plan as it can be ordered only till September 30, 2014 though it will be good till 2016.

According to reports, these 10GB of 4G LTE data should be reduced to 4GB per 4 lines in total in 2016. Still you have over a year to enjoy the benefits of this plan right now.