Tuesday, December 2, 2014

How To Setup WhatsApp In iOS 8 On iPhone

If you have no clue how to setup WhatsApp in iOS 8 we will help you! At present WhatsApp without no doubt is among the most popular messaging app around. By a colossal amount it having been acquired by Facebook profile recently.And is considered the de facto cross-platform IM service.But despite this fact that amount of feature storage it have not been still completed.

And even WhatsApp has very long offered Android operating system consumers the perks that a great many would believe to be missing. Currently, WhatsApp provides package for iOS 7 and iOS 8, and even though being jailbroken is there vital preconditions, the checklist of improvements to WhatsApp suggest that it’s a tweak worth jailbreaking for.

To avoid huge force on the WhatsApp servers, there’s existed a limit on exactly how big a file can be when mailed to another person. But with WhatsApp+ there are no limits on how much media you can send at any one time to recipient. And if you are using theming, WhatsApp Voice Call has you covered in this regard as well.

Here you can switch on your fantasy and change everything from the text color to the overall theme. Also the WhatsApp+ developer has promised that more customization features will come in the near future.

There are a huge amount of other WhatsApp+ benefits bedsides. For example, Stealth Mode allows you to use the service without showing your online status to person you’re chatting to. Also with the ability to disable read receipts now you can stay invisible if you wish so.

If you have a jailbroken device and are WhatsApp user you should download. If you do not know how to setup WhatsApp in iOS 8. It is very easy to do just follow the system steps.

In addition, WhatsApp+ also allows you disable those annoying ‘read receipts’. But,if you only want to get rid ofthis feature, then you might also want to give WhatsApp Read Receipt Disabler a shot.

The full set of WhatsApp+ features are as follows: