Monday, March 16, 2015

Download AppSwitcher For iOS 8.2 On Jailbroken Device

Download AppSwitcher for iOS 8.2 that is called FullSwitch tweak. It brings a full screen to App Switcher preview cards in iOS. For jailbroken devices it is really great tweak to try.

 Besides the full screen option FullSwitch gains customizable multitasking indicators, privacy mode, and a special Home screen menu to iOS 8. After you have installed FullSwitch tweak on your jailbroken device, you can try its effects on or off through the Settings app.

The tweak has concise, clear, and isn’t intimidating preference setup. There are only a few options available in tweak's preferences, to help the setup work faster. There’s a Home screen menu option. It allows you to swipe up on the Home screen App Switcher card to reveal another menu of quick toggles, that let you close all apps, reboot, or respring. FullSwitch tweak features a Multitasking indicator.

It consists of two arrows on opposite sides of the screen. Although these indicators have a beautiful design perspective. If you don’t want them to be front and center on the screen, you can always customize the location of the indicators.

The tweak contains the privacy mode, that is works towards keeping the information on each App Switcher card obscured. This is accomplished by means of a blur effect. FullSwitch is a well laid-out tweak with a purpose. It brings a full screen App Switcher without a lot of extra options.

Best of all, you can download AppSwitcher for iOS 8.2 for free of charge on the BigBoss repository. As you see it is always great to jailbreak your device as it enhances user experience and smartphone abilities with a multiple variety of tweaks. You can check how the tweak works on video below: