Thursday, March 19, 2015

How To Connect iPhone To Hidden WiFi Network on iOS 8

Here you can find out how to connect iOS 8 iPhone to hidden WiFi network. Administrators look for additional options to secure their wireless connections that's why they hide it.

However the main user-side issue with a hidden Wi-FI network is that the routers SSID is not broadcast which can make it difficult to find for users on an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple Watch.

Some useful tips you need to know before connect your iOS 8 device to a hidden Wi-Fi network:

  • the Wi-Fi routers exact name 
  • the Wi-Fi networks security type (WPA, WPA2, etc)
  • the Wi-Fi network password

How To Connect iPhone To Hidden WiFi Network

Step 1. Open the Settings app in iOS 8.2 and navigate to “Wi-Fi”

Step 2. Under the “Choose a Network…” section, please clock on “Other…”

Step 3. In ‘Name’ put the exact Wi-Fi network name of the hidden router, this is the SSID name of the Wi-Fi router that is not broadcast. You need to know the network name otherwise iOS can’t locate the invisible router.

Step 4. Click on “Security” and then choose the type of network encryption used (assuming it’s a secure network, choose ‘none’ if there is no wireless security)

Step 5. Click back onto “Other Network” to navigate to the primary connection screen

Step 6. Enter the Wi-Fi routers password as usual, then next click on “Join” connect iPhone to hidden WiFi network.

Step 7. Use the Wi-Fi as usual, the name will appear as the connected wireless network as usual in iOS 8 Settings

Step 8. Now join a hidden Wi-Fi network in iOS 8

After the hidden network is joined, it will be included in the active networks list, and included in the networks that are automatically joined.

Sometimes it happens that the iPhone or iPad may trigger an “Unable to Join Network” error message when connecting to a hidden Wi-Fi network. In case you will face with this problem you can resolve it following these steps to reset the network configuration settings on the your iOS 8 device, then simply re-connect to the network again as usual.