Friday, May 1, 2015

How To Use Maps On Apple Watch

In case you don't know how to correctly use Maps on Apple Watch then here is helpful info for you. Apple Watch Maps app allows you to concentrate the directions you need to go.

All Helpful Info About Maps App Usage On Apple Watch

Maps on the Watch can be opened by pressing the Digital Crown to access the home screen and then clicking on the Maps icon. The other ways to open Maps are to click on an address in a text or email, and ask Siri to launch Maps, or access Glances by swiping up from the watch face screen.

By default, when you open Maps your current location is displayed. You can zoom in and out of your location by scrolling with the Digital Crown or pan around the area using your finger.

Force touch is innovative feature that is used by the Apple Watch, which is able to detect pressure as well as touch. This feature offers a new type of interaction. So if you need to find a new location, you have to force touch the display by pressing firmly.

To get directions to a contact’s address you can either select the Contacts icon, or do it manually using the Search icon.

If you select to search for a location, you’ll be introduced with a list of recent places that you’ve searched for before - both on your Apple Watch and iPhone. In case you want to find something new, you can use the dictation tool to search for the location. Maps will then search for the location, contact information, opening times, and reviews if applied for it.

After that you need to select whether you require walking directions or driving directions, then click Start. Apple Watch will then display the relevant instructions turn-by-turn, vibrating on your wrist when a turn is approaching so that you never miss anything.

If you need to turn right, you'll feel 12 taps in quick succession, and if it's time to turn left, you'll feel six taps, in three pairs of two. The wearable also vibrates when you're approaching your destination, and again when you get there.

You can use your iPhone to search for a location and get directions. The directions will automatically appear on your wearable. There were all useful information you need to know how to use Maps on Apple Watch.