Wednesday, August 12, 2015

How To Install WatchOS 2 Beta 5 On Apple Watch

We offer you guide how to install watchOS 2 beta 5 on your wearable device. As in addition to iOS 9, Apple has launched the fifth beta of watchOS 2 to developers with build number:13S5325c.

You can downloaded this update and install it over-the-air using the Apple Watch app. But be careful because it requires your iPhone be on a recent iOS 9 beta and it’s very difficult to downgrade.

The latest beta build comes just over two weeks after the fourth beta was released by the company. The fourth beta activated Apple Pay and fixed issues with Apple ID in the Messages app and the Activity complication. It also arrives roughly two months after Apple first unveiled watchOS 2 during its June developer conference keynote. The changes made by Apple in this recent beta release are unknown for now.

WatchOS 2 is the first major update to the Apple Watch software since the device was revealed back in April. It brought with it several new features including the ability to run native applications, support for third-party complications, a new Nightstand mode, new watch faces, and other.

Unlike with iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan, Cupertino company has not seeded a public beta of watchOS 2, so it’s currently only available to registered developers.

Here Is How To Install WatchOS 2 Beta 5 

If your Watch has already run watchOS 2 beta 4, you can grab the latest beta of the OS by using the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. If this will be the first beta build of the OS that you will be installing on your Apple Watch, make sure that your iPhone is also running on a beta build of iOS 9.

Apple is expected to release watchOS 2 for the Apple Watch along with iOS 9 sometime in September this year. The second iteration of watchOS will pave the way for feature rich and faster apps to be available for the smartwatch. The current version of the OS offers very limited APIs and limits any kind of processing on the smartwatch itself to preserve battery life. This has greatly limited the quality of apps that developers can create for the Apple Watch.