Friday, September 4, 2015

iOS 9 Proactive Assistant Feature In Search And Siri

iOS 9 Proactive assistant is one of the biggest implementations that is connected with Siri and Search options, both of which will get intelligence that would improve their core functionality.

Enabling in the settings, Proactive assistant is an underlying intelligence system that powers the OS. Infused into the operating system this intelligence also provides smart search results and gains some predictive features to other core iOS apps such as Mail, Maps, Safari, and Notes. Proactive’s intelligence is located in your phone, storing its insights into your behavior on your phone and not in the cloud. You can ask what advantages of this iOS 9 Proactive feature.

The best way to understand Proactive is to use it and see how your interactions with your iPhone change.
Proactive’s intelligence touches the system-wide Search feature in iOS. Accessible as an option to the left of the first home screen, Proactive Search using contextual information to refine the information being displayed. Your search screen is now prepopulated with contacts, apps, places nearby, and more.

This info is dynamic, changing according to the time of day and what you are doing. The search mechanism itself also is improved with search results being gathered from even more information sources than ever before. For example, if you always read the news in the morning, your News app shows up in the Search screen at the time you normally wake up.

Beyond Search, iOS 9 Proactive assistant also touches Siri. Let's look through some examples. When you are writing an email in Mail, at any time you can stop and ask Siri to remind you about this email later.

What is more now you can to ask Siri to search through your media based on dates, locations, and album titles. For instance, you can say “Show me photos from my journey to Europe in August” and you’ll get exactly that images and videos you’re looking for. iOS 9 Proactive assistant also improves with time, renewing its suggestions based on what you often do every day and in what ways you use your smartphone.

As you see Siri and Search will certainly get an overhaul with iOS 9 release that is smarter than iOS 8.