Sunday, October 18, 2015

Download iOS 9 Jailbreak Update Fix Via Direct Link

If you have faced with some troubles during or after installation process of recently released jailbreak tool on your iDevice then you can download iOS 9 jailbreak update fix via direct link below. As you know just few days back popular jailbreaking team Pangu surprisingly launched their jailbreak solution for iOS 9 - 9.0.2 devices.

For most jailbreakers the installation process went smoothly, but some reported about different kinds of issues they have encountered with, such as Getting Stuck at 45%, OTA updates problem, Cydia app not showing up and others.

That's why Pangu team has just released Pangu 1.0.1 for Windows, an update for their initial untethered jailbreak tool, to fix some of above mentioned bugs and issues. If you have been trying to jailbreak your iOS 9 compatible iDevice using the initial Pangu 9 tool without success, then it’s likely that version 1.0.1 could solve that.

The update that carries 1.0.1 version fixes the bug which caused the jailbreak process to get stuck at 45%. This issue was the most reported one. So rather than continue to get frustrated and have to go through the restoring process of your device, you can grab 1.0.1 version to try to fix this problem. There’s also an internal change to the codebase to ensure that the Pangu app that is installed as part of the process is efficiently removed when the jailbreak is complete and Cydia has been installed correctly.

So if you were not able to successfully jailbreak your device encountering some of the issues, then you can try again using Pangu 1.0.1 jailbreak. Via this direct link you can download iOS 9 jailbreak update fix. It weighs in at 73MB.

Currently Pangu 9 jailbreak update fix available for Windows only. If you only have a Mac you can use Windows Virtual Machine to jailbreak iOS 9 on OS X. But if you are not acquainted with such things then it is better to wait till Pangu team will release the jailbreak solution for Mac.