Wednesday, March 23, 2016

How To Use Touch ID To Secure Notes On Your iOS 9.3 iPhone

If you have already updated your device to the recently released Apple's software update and want to know how to secure Notes with Touch ID on your iOS 9.3 iPhone then follow our easy guide. With iOS 9.3 release Apple brought some new unexpected features such as Night Shift mode, 3D Touch shortcuts in stock apps and ability to protect notes with Touch ID and passcode and some other important improvements.

How To Create Password-Protected Notes With Touch ID In iOS 9.3

Step 1. Launch the Notes app and pick the note you want to lock down.

Step 2. Click on the “Share” button on the top-right and from the bottom row, chosse “Lock”.

Step 3. As this is the first time you secure Notes with Touch ID on your iOS 9.3 iPhone , you’ll be presented with an option to create a password and provide a hint. You only need to do this once and any number of notes you secure will be opened by the same password. If you have an iOS device that supports Touch ID, you’ll notice that the Touch ID option is already enabled.

Step 4. Enter the password, click on “Done” button. Now that the note is secure, you’ll be brought back to it. You’ll notice that the note is still accessible.

Step 5. To actually lock the note, click the “Lock” icon in the top row. You can see it highlighted as shown on the picture below. 

The note is now locked. To unlock a locked note, you’ll either have to enter the password or scan your finger using Touch ID.

In case you don’t want to password protect certain note anymore. To remove the lock, launch the note and unlock it.

Then click the “Share” button and from the bottom list, pick “Remove Lock” option. Now the lock will be removed.