Monday, April 25, 2016

How To Download Videos From Facebook To iOS 9 iPhone Camera Roll

We will show you how to quickly download videos from Facebook to iOS 9 iPhone Camera Roll. Currently Facebook is unquestionably the most popular social network around the world. Although the company has launched several new features recently including Reactions, Messenger chatbots, it missed necessary one. Many users wished Facebook company provides the option to download videos. Happily, those users with jailbroken device have a great chance to enable this feature in their iDevices installing new jailbreak tweak known as FVideo.

FVideo tweak lets you download any video you want from the official Facebook app directly to your iPnone's Camera Roll and watch it at any time you need in offline mode. With this tweak installed, you can get rid of third-party websites and apps that are really complicated in use. So hurry up and learn how to setup FVideo tweak on your device.

How To Download A Video From Facebook To iPhone Camera Roll In iOS 9

In order to get the ability to download videos from Facebook to iOS 9 iPhone Camera Roll you should jailbreak your device. Currently, you can only jailbreak iOS 9.1 or lower using Pangu tool. 

If you are already jailbroken then head straight to Cydia and search for FVideo. The tweak is available as a free download package on Cydia. The tweak also requires the latest version of Facebook to be installed on your device.

After FVideo is installed on your device it will get activated by default. Now, to save a video from Facebook onto iOS 9 iPhone Camera roll launch the Facebook app on your iDevice and find a video which you want to download. Click and hold on a video, you will see a pop-up mesage asking you to pick the video quality. You have two options: HD or SD.

Once the video quality is chosen, you can view the progress of the download that will be displayed. After it complete the download, the video will be saved to you Camera Roll and you can get it from there and share it with others.

FVideo works as advertised and offers the quite good download performance. This is a very useful tweak to have on your jailbroken device.