Friday, April 15, 2016

How To Set A New Wallpaper Automatically On iOS 9 iPhone

It would be great idea to set a new wallpaper automatically on iOS 9 iPhone. Of course use the same wallpaper for a long period of time can become dull and unattractive to your eyes. And it can be even so hard to pick a beautiful wallpaper from the web every day and use it on your device. That's why Cydia developer CP Digital Darkroom created a new jailbreak tweak known as EarthView Walls that automatically sets a new wallpaper on your iPhone whenever you need one.

This tweak takes a random wallpaper from Google’s Earth view pictures and sets it as the Home screen or Lock screen wallpaper on your iOS 9 iPhone. It takes advantage of Activator to let you set a random wallpaper whenever you want. If you interested in taking this Cydia tweak for a spin follow steps bellow. 

How To Set A New Wallpaper Automatically In iOS 9

1) In order to use EarthView Walls tweak jailbreak your iOS 9 iPhone with Pangu tool.

2) Next, go to Cydia and download EarthView Walls for free. Then install it on you device.

3) Once installed, you can get started by heading to the tweak’s preferences pane in Settings. 

4) The first thing you need to do is to select an Activator gesture for changing the wallpaper. For example, if you assign the tweak to a gesture that requires you to double click on the Status bar then every time you perform this action, the EarthView Walls will automatically fetch and set a random wallpaper on your iPhone.

5) It is also possible to pick whether the wallpaper should be set separately for the Home screen, Lock screen or enable for both . Once you’re done configuring, than invoke the assigned Activator gesture to change the wallpaper whenever you want.

6) You can perform the gesture as much as you want until you find a wallpaper that looks good to you. You must be patience as it can some time for tweak to fetch a random wallpaper from Google’s Earth view images.

EarthView Walls is an interesting jailbreak tweak that can set a new wallpaper automatically on iOS 9 iPhone with ease.