Friday, May 27, 2016

How To Make iOS 9.3.2 iPhone Charge Faster

If you are trying to find the safest and the fastest way to make iOS 9.3.2 iPhone charge faster then there’s one simple trick every iDevice user should employ every time they plug their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad into a power brick in order to enable faster charging. This trick boils down to setting your iOS device to Airplane Mode. You can ask what influence Airplane Mode can actually have on charging? Airline Mode completely shuts down the radios in your device, including cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Not only do these radios consume significant power when in use, but disabling them completely robs your iOS 9.3.2 device of network access.

And without network access, all network activity which normally occurs in the background stops, things like checking for new emails, Background App Activity in apps, iCloud sync, iMessage delivery and so forth.

Plus, notifications will stop arriving and lighting up your screen unnecessarily. All of this consumes power and prevents your iOS 9.3.1 device from charging at full speed.

How To Force iOS 9.3.2 iPhone Charge Faster

Step 1. In order to make iOS 9.3.2 iPhone charge faster on your device swipe up from the screen bottom to bring up Control Center, and then click on the Airplane Mode icon to toggle Airplane Mode on. You can also enable or disable Airplane Mode in Settings > Airplane Mode.

Step 2. After you’re done charging, just turn Airplane Mode off again.

This trick should be especially helpful for owners of power-hungry iPads. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro, for example, takes four and a half hours to completely recharge its impressive 10,307 battery using the included 12W Apple USB Power Adapter, and that’s assuming the device isn’t used during charging. Setting it to Airplane Mode when it’s plugged into power will yield an observably faster charging times.