Tuesday, June 14, 2016

How To Download And Install iOS 10 Beta On iPhone

If you want to download iOS 10 beta on iPhone to test it out here is guide that help you to do it. Yesterday Apple introduced the latest version of its operating system for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch with a number of major new features, and fixes some main pain points of the OS. 

Just like iOS 9, Apple will seed a public beta for iOS 10, but the date is unknown yet. However if you are adventurous and understand the risks and have backed up all the important stuff like photos and contacts you can follow steps below to install iOS 10 beta on your device.

How To Install iOS 10 On iPhone

Right after the WWDC Keynote, the only way to install an iOS beta on your iDevice is using a developer account. But if you don't have it you can use your friend's account. Ask him to add you to his developer account (using the Apple ID you currently use). You’ll get an email invite, accept it and login using your Apple ID at Apple’s Developer website.

Now you need to add the iOS device’s UDID to the developer account. How to do it: 
  • Connect your iDevice to your Mac and launch iTunes.
  • From the “Summary” view, keep click on the device ID till you find the UDID code. Right click and “copy” it.

Depending on the way the account is setup, you may or may not be able to add a new device. If you can, follow the steps below. Or ask the admin of the account to add the UDID for you.

  • Open Apple’s developer console and from the sidebar, click on “Certificates, IDs and Profiles”.
  • From the sidebar, under “Devices”, pick the device in question – iPhone or iPad.
  • Click the “+” button on the top and add the UDID.

Once the UDID is added, it’s time to download iOS 10 beta on iPhone (the actual IPSW file that you can install using iTunes).

Step 1. Navigate to the Downloads section of the Developer Account using this link. From there, find you device and click “Download”. The IPSW file will start downloading.

Step 2. Now connect your device to iTunes (make sure you have the latest version installed), and head to the “Summary” tab. 

Step 3. Then, hold the Option key on your Mac (Shift on Windows) and click the “Update” button.

Step 4. From the file picker, pick the IPSW file downloaded in the step 1.

Step 5. The beta will start install on your iOS device.

Note that this will set up your iPhone as brand new. There will be no stuff on it unless you restore you personal data from a backup.