Tuesday, June 14, 2016

iOS 10 New Features List For iPhone

Yesterday at WWDC 2016, Apple unveiled the latest version of its operating system for all iOS devices and here is iOS 10 new features list. The major point of the update, however, is the smarter and more powerful Siri that developers will soon be able to integrate into their apps thanks to an SDK and APIs that Apple is releasing alongside iOS 10. But there are plenty of other features that you should know about.

Brand New iOS 10 Stock App: Home

There’s a new stock app in iOS 10 called Home. Home now supports even more categories of HomeKit-compatible devices like smart cameras and door locks. It’s not just a new Home screen app: Home is built right into Control Center and it also works from the Lock screen of your iPhone.

And with iOS 10’s interactive Home screen with support for rich notifications, your security camera, for instance, can send you an alert if it detects an intruder and you can even watch a live video feed right from the Lock screen.

Smarter Siri

The smarter and more powerful Siri from Apple is the highlight of iOS 10’s release. With third-party app integration, iPhone owners will be able to use Siri to order food, book taxi rides and movie tickets, and more. During its demo, Apple showed using Siri to send a message in WeChat by simply using voice commands. This feature will work across popular messaging apps like Slack, WeChat, and more. Similarly, you can use SIri to start/stop workouts in third-party apps, send money to your friends, VoIP calling, and more.

Redesigned Apple Music app

iOS 10 also comes with a new redesigned Apple Music app that comes with a beautiful new UI. The new music app features a ‘Downloaded Music’ section that makes it easier to find songs that are locally stored on your iOS device. The Now Playing screen also comes with Lyrics integration that one can access by simply swiping up from the Now Playing screen.

There is a new ‘For You’ section in the Apple Music app that will provide you with playlist recommendations based on your music taste.

New Apple Maps app

With iOS 10, Apple is introducing a new Maps app for the OS. The new app features an easier to use UI, with more information density and features like Dynamic view; Quick Controls to see route details; support for alternate routes, and more.

Apple is also opening Apple Maps to developers using Extensions that will allow third-party apps to integrate into Apple Maps. This will make it possible to book a car/hotel or book a table in a hotel right from inside the Apple Maps app.

Apple News

Apple News, like Music, launched last year and is getting a big update in iOS 10. The all-new News interface design has some visual affinities with the new Music, showing that Apple is working on a cohesive look across its new apps, with bold, all-caps sans serif titles. Apple News is also getting breaking news notifications and subscriptions in iOS 10. In-app subscriptions are a major new feature for the OS even beyond Apple's own apps.


The new Phone app in iOS 10 features Voicemail transcription, so you can read the voicemail sent to you instead of having to listen to it. The new Extension for Phone app also allows third-party apps like Tencent to integrate with the app, so you can get information about the caller right on the incoming call screen.

The new VoIP API ensures that third-party apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Hangouts etc. get to enjoy the same notification priority and UI as the stock Phone app and traditional phone calls.


The last in iOS 10 new features list is new iMessage app. It now gains support for previewing links, videos, and other files that are sent through it. Emoji on iMessage are also getting 3x bigger and Quicktype will also provide emoji suggestions based on the message you are sending. There is a new ‘Tap to replace’ feature that helps highlights words that you can replace with emoji.

There is a new Bubble effect feature that allows you to send messages with bigger, smaller, or hidden bubbles to better share your emotions. You can also send handwritten messages in iMessage i.e. you can scribble down in your own handwriting and send it to your friend or family.

In conclusion, if you want to test all the above described iOS 10 new features it is possible to download and install it on your device.