Monday, July 11, 2016

Best Apps List For Clearing Duplicate Contacts On iOS 9.3.2 iPhone

If you are trying to find the best app for removing duplicate contacts on your iOS 9.3.2 iPhone then we have prepared the list of apps that will quickly fix the problem. Here they are:

1. Cleanup Duplicate Contacts

As the name of the app suggests it will quickly show you how to remove duplicate contacts in iOS 9 iPhone. Once the app will receive the permission to access your contacts, it would analyze your contacts and dispals you how many contact or partial duplicated you have on your iOS 9.3.2 device. 
Than you can easily pick the option to merge the duplicates. 
The Cleanup Duplicate Contacts is available as a free download package from the App Store.

2. Cleaner

Cleaner not only finds the duplicate contacts on our device it will allow you to backup contacts as well. Once you’ve granted access to your contacts, you can click on the “Duplicate Contacts” option to view all the duplicate contacts. Tap a listing to see details of the duplicated contacts. This will show details of the contact. If you want to merge them, click on “Merge” option.
Cleaner also offer an option to “Merge all duplicates” but it requires a $2.99 in-app purchase.
You can download Cleaner app for free from the App Store.

3. FullContact

FullContact is last in our list. It has LinkedIn integration and it provides interesting stuff like finding public information for the contact you have stored and adding them automatically and more.
FullContact offers duplicate contact management. Once you’ve signed up using Gmail or iCloud, simply launch the sidebar and click on “Duplicates”. On the screen you will see groups of duplicate contacts that you can merge/not merge by swiping to left/right on a group.

Hope one of these three great will be the best app for removing duplicate contacts your on iOS 9.3.2 iPhone.