Monday, July 18, 2016

How To Set iOS 10-Inspired Control Center On iOS 9 iPhone

With the newest software update introduction Apple has presented many new features and enhancements and if you want set iOS 10-inspired Control Center on your iOS 9 iPhone then go on reading this post. Decorus is a new Cydia release inspired by iOS 10 that gives your iPhone the modular Control Center experience you won’t be able to try until its public launch, unless of course you install one of the iOS 10 betas.

With iOS 10 Apple gave the Control Center a less cluttered view than it had in iOS 9. iOS 10‘s Control Center also has its own windowed look, looking more like a pop-up, rather than taking an edge-to-edge interface style as it has since iOS 7.

So if you have jailbroken iOS 9 device you can setup the tweak and enjoy iOS 10-inspired Control Center.

How To Set iOS 10-Inspired Control Center On iOS 9 Device

With Decorus tweak you will enable iOS 10 Control Center look and feel on your jailbroken device, but the tweak doesn’t provide you with the same exact Control Center experience as in iOS 10. For example, the colors you would normally see when toggling buttons on or off are not present. But Decorus allows you to configure custom colors for Control Center’s backdrop, background, and music interface.

Head to Cydia and download Decorus tweak on your jailbroken iOS 9 device. When you install it, the tweak will add its preferences pane to the Settings app. Navigate there to find all of the customization options you need to make the Control Center look as colorful as you want it. Once done configuring it is required to respring the device for all changes to take place.

Ahead of final iOS 10 release Decorus jailbreak tweak dives you great opportunity to set iOS 10-inspired Control Center on iOS 9 iPhone and enjoy all new enhancements right away.