Tuesday, August 23, 2016

How To Look Up Any Text On iOS 10 iPhone

With every software update release Apple brings some changes and improvements and this time users will have the ability to look up any text on their iOS 10 iPhone. If you have been keeping with the Apple's iOS history then you should know that Apple's mobile platform has had this little feature where you’d tap and hold to highlight a word, select “Define” and up would pop the definition. For a non-native English speaker this was a great feature that helps in using the iDevice. With iOS 10, it’s being replaced. So let's learn about look up any text on iOS 10 iPhone feature in details.

How To Look Up Any Text In iOS 10

Those users who have already installed iOS beta on their devices report that now this feature is called “Look Up”, instead of “Define“. Lookup feature now offers a lot more options like before. Giving you the definition of the word is just one of those things.

From the popup, you’ll now see the Wikipedia excerpt for it as well as suggestions from Safari and Siri and even web videos.

What is more interesting is that you can now use Look Up feature as a quick researching tool.

You can highlight multiple words, the title of a TV show or a book perhaps, and get the link to their Wikipedia page or the official website without doing the copy and paste in Safari dance.

It is not a major new feature, but these small enhancements help in iOS 10 will go a long way in improving the user experience on your iOS devices.

It is expected that Apple will release it next major software update in September during its media event. As it is a significant release it will bring many new features and enhancements that will be definitely welcomed by all iDevices uses. Apple is planning to release its next iPhone line up equipped with iOS 10.