Friday, August 19, 2016

How To Send 3X Bigger Emojis In Messages In iOS 10

With the release of Apple's next major software update users will be able to send 3x bigger emojis in messages in iOS 10. This innovative feature is really great as these large emojis look awesome. The guide below will show you how to send larger emojis, as while the process is pretty straight forward, there are some caveats you need to know about.

How To Send 3X Bigger Emojis In Messages On iOS 10 iPhone

Sending bigger emojis are as simple as sending normal ones.

Step 1. On your iOS 10 iPhone in Message app switch to the emoji keyboard using the “Globe” icon.

Step 2. Click on an emoji to select it, see the preview in the text field (they’ll be bigger).

Step 3. Then click on the blue “Up” arrow to send emojis as iMessage. It is simple as it is.

Note the 3x emojis will only work as long as you select only 1 to 3 emojis. Select 4 and you’ll be back to the normal size. Also, any emojis sent along with text in the same message will also be in the small size.

So remember, big emojis = 1 to 3 of them.

To make the process of sending bigger emojis even more fun, try using one of the bubble effects. Add your emoji, then 3D Touch on the blue “up” icon, select from one of the bubble effects and send them along.

There is also another trick you can use while chatting with your friends. It is possible replace words with emojis in the new Messages app in iOS 10.

It is expected that Apple will release iOS 10 in September this year along with the new iPhone models. According to various reports and developers who have already installed beta releases iOS 10 is going to be a big update to iOS platform bringing many new features and improvements.