Monday, September 12, 2016

How Send A Secret Message In Invisible Ink In iOS 10

Have you ever wanted to send your friend a secret message with some private information? With the release of the next software version Apple will make it possible to send a message in Invisible Ink in iOS 10. So follow the guide below to learn how Invisible Ink feature works and how to use it on your upgraded iOS 10 device.

How Send A Message In Invisible Ink In iOS 10

When you send a message with Invisible Ink effect, they’ll see the outline of the photo or the text, but the content will be covered in this sticky, black and white dots. 

Step 1: To send a message in Invisible Ink in iOS 10 launch the Messages app on your device and head to the conversation. 

Step 2 : Once done creating the message, tap and hold the blue send arrow above the keyboard to invoke the effects interface.

Step 3: From the 4 effects here, tap the invisible ink option and you’ll see a little preview there.

Step 4: Once you have confirmed that your message has turned invisible, tap the blue send arrow to send it. That's it. As you see it is extremely easy to send a secret message in iOS.

When your message is received, the recipient will have to tap it to reveal its content. This ensures that anything sensitive isn’t revealed to prying eyes as soon as the message is opened. The message doesn’t stay visible for long, though, so you might have to keep swiping if you want to continue seeing it.

According to reports Apple will release iOS 10 update tomorrow. So don't miss this date to be the first to upgrade your device to latest iOS release and try all the new features and improvements Apple has implemented in it.