Wednesday, September 14, 2016

How To Quickly Close All Opened Safari Tabs In iOS 10

Apple released its new version of mobile OS just yesterday and those who have already installed it can try close all Safari tabs on their iOS 10 device. This is not something new that when you’re browsing the web on your iOS device and you will have more than one browsing tab open in Safari, but you’re not going to want to keep all those tabs opened forever.

In all earlier iOS versions you had to close each tab individually, which proved to be rather time consuming. Rather than tapping on the close button for each and every individual one, iOS 10 has brought two new actions you can use to close out of all opened tabs at once. so follow the guide below to learn how to do it.

How To Close All Safari Tabs On iOS 10 iPhone

Method one: while viewing a page

If you’re in the middle of viewing a web page, all you need to do is click and hold on the tab switching button until you see a prompt:

When the prompt appears, click on the option that allows you to close however many tabs you have opened. In this case, it’s eigthy three, so you click on the red Close 83 Tabs button.

Method two: from the tab switching interface

Another way to close all Safari tabs in iOS 10 is to tap and hold on the Done button at the bottom right of Safari until a prompt appears:

When you'll the prompt, click on the red-colored option that allows you close all of your open tabs.

No matter which method you use, your opened Safari tabs will be closed instantaneously so you don’t have to painstakingly go through them, one by one.

In conclusion we can say that both method are really useful depending from situation. The first method is more convenient in case you’re done browsing the web altogether and the second one is more convenient when you’re in the middle of a multi-tab workflow.