Friday, September 9, 2016

StatusbarVolume Tweak Makes Volume HUD Less Annoying In iOS 9

If you want to make Volume HUD less annoying in iOS 9 you can try new Cydia release called StatusbarVolume. By default Volume HUD appears right in the center of your iPhone's screen and occupies a significant amount of space. It can be obtrusive especially when watching a video or playing a game.

StatusbarVolume tweak resolve this problem by removing the large Volume HUD from center and displays it in Status bar instead. When you press the physical volume buttons, a horizontal volume bar appears in Status bar that is much less obtrusive than the default Volume HUD.

An interesting feature of this tweak is that it allows you to slide the volume bar to adjust the volume level. You can slide to the right to raise the volume or slide in the opposite direction to lower it.

How To Make Volume HUD Less Annoying On iOS 9 iPhone 

In order to make Volume HUD smaller on your jailbroken iOS 9 device navigate to Cydia and download StatusbarVolume tweak for free. The tweak supports both iOS 8 and iOS 9 devices.

When installed, you can’t adjust the volume level with the physical volume buttons found on the side of your iPhone. You can only slide on the bar to adjust the level. In case you want to use the volume buttons, then head to Settings -> Sound and toggle off “Switch with Buttons” option.

The tweak doesn’t come with any configuration options and gets enabled right away once installed. If you find the original volume HUD annoying then StatusbarVolume is a tweak that you should definitely consider trying.

The volume bar is quite similar to that found in Instagram, which displays the bar in Status bar whenever you’re using the app. It’s time for Apple to adopt this design and get rid of the large annoying volume HUD.

So if you want to make Volume HUD less annoying in iOS 9 then StatusbarVolume tweak will help you to do it with ease.