Tuesday, October 11, 2016

How To Create Disappearing Messages In Facebook Messenger

With the introduction of new Secret Conversation feature you can create disappearing messages in Facebook Messenger. Messenger allows you to make your messages disappear from the chat in selected period of time users can set by himself.

How To Create Disappearing Messages In Facebook Messenger On iPhone

1) In order to create disappearing messages in Facebook Messenger launch Messenger and start a new Secret Conversation or click on one of your existing secret chats.

2) Then type a message and hit the Timer icon in the text box.

3) Now set a timer and pick how long you want the message to remain visible before it disappears from the conversation.

4) Once all settings are done, tap Done.

5) Tap the Send button to send your auto-disappearing message. A message in red indicates that your secret message will disappear after the period of time that was selected has passed.

As you may know the message sent can only be read by the sender and the other person from one device - not even Facebook can see it. But it is possible to change the device you use for Secret Conversations. All you need to do is to simply start a new Secret Conversation from Messenger on the new device. When you change the device used for Secret Conversations, all your previous secret messages will no longer be visible on your old device or your new device. 

Messenger also allows you to erase all Secret Conversations on your iOS 10 device at once.

How To Delete All Secret Messages In Facebook Messenger In iOS 10

1) Launch Messenger and click on the Me tab at the bottom of the screen.

2) Now tap Secret Conversations.

3) Then tap Delete Secret Conversations. A pop up message will appear saying that easing all Secret Conversations will permanently clear the secret message history on your device.

4) Hit Delete to confirm the action.