Tuesday, October 18, 2016

How To Keep iOS 9 iPhone From Getting Stolen

In this post we will show you have to keep iOS 9 iPhone from getting stolen when charge it on the go. No2Theft is a new Cydia tweak that helps you keep your jailbroken iPhone from getting stolen when you plug it in for a quick charge in unfamiliar places.

Many of us have been in situation when you were far from home and needed a quick charge. You may have needed to plug your iPhone into a power outlet for some juice while you were at your job, at a cafe, or even at a friend’s house.

In most cases you can’t sit there and stare at your device the whole time because you have things to do, but it’s always on your conscience that someone might try to take your device while it’s charging. In such situation No2Theft tweak will protect your device and let you do your job without any disturbance.

How To How To Protect Your Phone From Theft

No2Theft allows you to designate Wi-Fi networks that you consider “safe” networks, which might include the Wi-Fi network at your home. These are considered “safe” because at no point in time should anyone besides you be trying to disconnect your device from the power outlet when you’re charging in the vicinity of one of these networks.

Whenever your jailbroken iPhone isn’t connected to one of these “safe” networks, such as when you’re at someone else’s house or when you’re at work, and it gets disconnected from its power source, No2Theft is going to play a loud alarm that everyone’s going to be able to hear.

What is more when the alarm is going off, the tweak will not allow the alarm to be muted with the silent switch and you can’t reduce the volume using the volume buttons. And here is the trick.
The only way to silence the alarm would be to unlock your iPhone and authenticate yourself with your Touch ID sensor or with a special PIN that you configure.

To setup the No2Theft tweak download it on your jailbroken device for $0.99 from Cydia’s BigBoss repository. The tweak will work on iOS 7 through iOS 9. Once done with installation to configure your safe Wi-Fi networks and set a PIN go to Settings > No2Theft.

It is possible to set up to three safe Wi-Fi networks and turn on/off the tweak on demand. You set Wi-Fi networks by simply typing in their network names (SSID). You will need to click on the blue Apply Changes button any time you make changes here, and that will respring your device.

We think that if you're jailbroken No2Theft tweak is the great way to keep iOS 9 iPhone from getting stolen when charge it on the go.