Thursday, November 10, 2016

How To Add Vibrancy To Notification Center In iOS 9

Want to add vibrancy to Notification Center in iOS 9 then new jailbreak tweak called NCTextColor will do it for you. Notification Center on your device always has white text by default, but with a this Cydia release you can mix things up a little bit with some of your own favorite colors and settings. Here is how everything works.

How To Add Vibrancy To Notification Center On iOS 9 iPhone

This tweak works great for anyone who themes their iPhone and wants to make Notification Center‘s text colorful in iOS 9 to better compliment the theme they’re using.

NCTextColor tweak is available as a free download package from Cydia’s BigBoss repository so head there and grab the tweak. After you install it on your jailbroken iOS 9 device, navigate to the Settings app and launch the NCTextColor preferences pane. There, you’re going to find the options for colorizing the various elements in Notification Center:

Right off the bat, you’ll find a toggle switch you can use to turn the entire tweak on or off on demand, but right below are the panes you’ll use to change the colors of:
  • Headers under the Notifications tab
  • Text under the Notifications tab
  • Headers under the Today tab
  • Text under the Today tab

Once you are done choosing the color you can click on the red Respring button at the top right of the navigation bar to save your changes. Notably, the colors are chosen from a color picker rather than a list of presets, so your color choices are quite literally endless.

Adding vibrancy to Notification Center in iOS 9 is really a great idea for those who feel boring looking as the default white text in your jailbroken device. As always jailbreaking hackers offer something interesting to make your device look unique.