Thursday, November 3, 2016

How To Restore Lost Contacts From iCloud In iOS 10

Here is how to recover lost contacts from iCloud in iOS 10 in case you have got into trouble. Don't worry if you accidently lost the number of beloved person or someone important for you as Apple offers its users an easy way to restore previously lost data from iCloud.

Apple’s iCloud data restore works for all kinds of things you would normally store in the cloud that have been erased including bookmarks from Safari, Calendars, Contacts, Files, and Reminders. But keep in mind that you have only 30 days to restore deleted things via iCloud.

How To Restore Lost Contacts From iCloud On iOS 10 iPhone

As you know when you restore some data, it will replace everything that’s currently on all devices tied to your iCloud account. This means what you change isn’t going to only affect one of your devices, but it will sync to all of them. This might be something you should remember if you have one device set up differently from the rest.

Follow the steps below to learn how to recover lost contacts from iCloud in iOS 10:

Step 1) Open in your web browser and log in with your Apple ID:

Step 2) Now launch the Settings app from your iCloud Home screen:

Step 3) When the Settings pane loads, scroll down and tap on the blue Restore Contacts link.

Step 4) When you see the archive of contacts backups, pick the one you want to restore. Then tap on the blue Restore button to the right of it:

Step 5) Lastly to confirm the action tap on the blue Restore button in the prompt.

Now iCloud will sync all your devices with the restored contacts archive that you chose. Wait for a few minutes till the process will be finished and you'll be able to see them on your iOS10.1.1 iPhone again.