Tuesday, November 15, 2016

iPhone Fully Charged But Shuts Down Fix Tips

If your iDevice acts irresponsible and you are trying to find fix for iPhone fully charged but shuts down issue then here are few tips how you can to avoid this problem. If your iPhone has been acting weird, shutting off on its own, even when it had 15 or 30% battery left, you should know that this is not new, and you’re not alone. Users have been reporting this issue on a wide scale ever since iOS 9 came out. And a lot of people are experiencing this even today, in 2016 on their iOS 10 updated devices.

If your iOS 10 iPhone 7 or any other iPhone model shuts off randomly even when there is charge left then try the following fix tips.

How To Fix Issue When iPhone Fully Charged Shuts Down 

Tip 1. Hard Reset

Hard resetting usually takes care of this issue. To do a hard reset on your iPhone with a physical home button (any iPhone before iPhone 7), press and hold both the “Sleep/Wake” and “Home” button for 5 seconds. The iPhone will reboot, you’ll see the Apple icon flash and the iPhone will come to life.

On the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, press and hold the “Sleep/Wake” and “Volume Down” buttons to do the same.

Tip 2. Update Device To The Latest OS?

Users first reported of this issue when iOS 9 was new. The effect was random and no actual source for this issue was found.

But users have reported that updating the OS to the latest version usually solves the issue for them. At that time it was iOS 9. At the time of writing, it’s iOS 10.1.1.

So when your phone is booted and running (presumably after you did the hard reset), head into “Settings” -> “General” -> “Software Update” and update to the latest software.

3. Charge Up

If your phone just isn’t responding and nothing is working (even the hard reset), just charge it to 100%. If that doesn’t work, try using a different cable, a different power adaptor or try charging it from your Mac.

4. Drain To 0% Then Fully Charge

If the issue is related to the battery indicator (as in, the battery stats are not displayed properly in the system), the fix is to drain the battery to 0% and then charge it up all the way to 100%.

5. Restore via iTunes

One of the last resorts for this kind of thing, is to restore your phone to the new state via iTunes.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your Mac/PC and launch iTunes.

Step 2: After your iPhone is recognised, go into the section and first click on “Back up Now” to create a local backup of your phone.

Step 3: After the backup is complete, click on “Restore iPhone“. This will start the process of downloading the latest iOS software, wiping your device completely, and installing the new OS on your device.

Once this is done, your phone will be restored to as it was when you first got it. Once the process is done, you’ll be asked if you want to restore the backup you made before. Once that’s done, all your apps and data will be back on your iPhone.

6. Contact Apple

If you tried all the above tips and none of them fixed iPhone fully charged but shuts down issue then the last option you can use is to contact Apple or to go into your nearest Apple service station or Apple store.