Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Quick Methods To Check Sprint Mobile Data Usage On iPhone

If you need to check Sprint mobile data usage on your iOS 10 iPhone then there are two easy and free ways to do it at any time right from your mobile device. Here is how they work.

How To Find Out Sprint Mobile Data Usage On iPhone

Method 1. Download the Sprint Zone App

If you need detailed info about your mobile data usage this month you should definitely install the free Sprint Zone app from App Store. If you don’t have one, you can create one upon downloading the app. 

Step 1. First log in with your Sprint username and password.

Step 2. Once you’re in, you’ll get a look at your upcoming bill, upgrade eligibility, service appointments and more.

Step 3. The app’s main screen shows you such info as your minutes, texts used and total data used. To check Sprint mobile data usage on iOS 10 iPhone tap“Usage details”.

Step 4. Over on this screen, you can check out the shared data usage and a breakdown of individuals’ usages if you’re on a family plan.

If some of your friends uses other carrier such as T-Mobile or Verizon they can also use dedicated apps to check their mobile data in details.

Method 2. Send a Quick Text Message to Sprint

The other convenient way to quickly check Sprint mobile data usage on iPhone is to sent a message to Sprint. Unlike other carriers such as AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon that have you dial short codes to get the your usage info, Sprint does things a little differently. If you’re a Sprint customer, you need to text Sprint directly instead. The texts to and from Sprint for this information are totally free.

Step 1. Open the Messages app on your iOS 10 iPhone.

Step 2. Type “Usage” and send to 1311.

Within a few seconds you should get a text message back with current minutes used this billing cycle, data used, and text messages sent and received. 

If you’re on a shared data plan, the data usage in the message shows the entire pool of usage so far, not just yours. Keep that in mind.