Thursday, December 29, 2016

Evanesco Tweak Brings Out Home Screen Wallpaper Whenever iPhone Sits Idle

If you have jailbroken iOS 9 device you have unique ability to bring out Home screen wallpaper whenever iPhone sits idle. Because of the way app icons work on the iPhone, your wallpaper is often interrupted, so you don’t really enjoy it in full. But a new free Cydia release dubbed as Evanesco fixes it by giving your Home screen’s wallpaper more focus. Here is the short guide on how this interesting jailbreak tweak works.

How To Bring Out Home Screen Wallpaper Whenever iPhone Sits Idle

Evanesco tweak works by basically hiding everything on your Home screen, including the Status Bar, app icons, and Dock whenever you’re idle for a set period of time. Don't worry all this stuff becomes transparent so that your wallpaper dominates the focus until you start using your phone again.

So the next time you'll use your device again, either by tapping on the screen, pressing a button or just moving it around, your app icons and anything else were hidden comes back into focus, just as it would normally look when you were using your phone.

So if you want to bring out Home screen wallpaper whenever iPhone sits idle, you can download Evanesco tweak completely for free from Cydia’s BigBoss repository. The tweak supports iOS 8 - iOS 10 firmware, that is great for those users who were brave enough to hack their iOS 10 devices with Luca Todesco’s jailbreak.

Once the tweak is installed go to the Settings appthen to Evanesco's preferences pane to start configuring the tweak. To get the best effect, I recommend to hide the Status Bar and Dock background and leave the app icons alpha level turned all the way down. You can also set the time limit. As for me about 2-3 seconds are great.

Evanesco jailbreak tweak is a small modification which makes your icons disappear after a defined time of inactivity. Perfect for privacy and putting some focus on your wallpaper.