Friday, December 9, 2016

How To Recover Deleted Notes From iOS 10 iPhone

Every time when you remove notes from your iPhone Notes app, you have a limited amount of time (30 days) to recover deleted notes from iOS 10 iPhone until they disappear forever. So follow the guide below to learn how to do it correctly.

How To Recover Deleted Notes In iOS 10

After you’ve erased a note from your iOS 10 iPhone, it gets sent to a temporary folder in the Notes app called Recently Deleted. It’s not permanently deleted from your phone until you physically go into the Recently Deleted folder and remove it for a second time.

If a note you deleted by accident is still in your Recently Deleted folder, you’ll be able to recover it by following these steps:

1) Launch the Notes app on your iOS 10.1.1 iPhone or iPad.

2) Then click on the Back arrow to move out of your Notes and into folder view.

3) Launch the Recently Deleted folder.

4) Click on the yellow Edit button.

5) Click on the note you wish to recover to select it.

Note: A yellow check mark appears in the circle when it’s selected.

6) Click on the yellow Move To… button at the bottom left of the app.

7) Click on the Notes folder.

The deleted note is now returned back to the Notes folder with the rest of your note. It has been successfully recovered:

After you have recovered deleted notes from iOS 10 iPhone you can encounter with the problem. If you were unable to find your deleted note in the Recently Deleted folder, then it means one of two things:
  • You removed the note from the Recently Deleted folder already; or
  • You removed the note more than 30 days ago, so iOS already trashed it

Advice: avoid deleting anything from the Recently Deleted folder unless you’re sure you don’t need the note anymore or if the note contains sensitive material that you don’t want recovered after you remove it for security reasons.