Thursday, January 19, 2017

How To Preserve iOS 10 iPhone Camera Settings

Reading this post you'll learn how to preserve iOS 10 iPhone camera settings in few easy steps. Prior to iOS 10.2 the Camera app always defaults to Photo mode. The app has several different modes for capturing pictures or videos including a a panorama photo capture mode and time-lapse video recording mode. It is possible to switch between these and other modes by swiping left or right. When you leave the app and return to it later, it always returns to the Photo mode. 

The situation has changed with iOS 10.2 software release. This software update has brought great new feature called “Preserve Settings.” Once enabled, this feature allows you to save the last used mode in Camera. Consequently, Camera app launches in the same mode that was enabled last time. So follow few steps below to preserve iOS 10 iPhone camera settings.

How To Preserve iPhone Camera Settings In iOS 10 

Note: To use “Preserve Settings” feature make sure your iPhone is running iOS 10.2.

Step 1) First on your iOS 10.2 iPhone navigate to Settings > Photos & Camera.

Step 2) Then tap Preserve Settings.

Step 3) You have three options to choose: Camera Mode(preserve the Video or Square mode you used last time), Photo Filter(preserve the mode like Chrome you used last time), and Live Photo(preserve the Live Photo setting).

To retain your last-used shooting mode, live filter or Live Photo settings, simply move the corresponding switches to the ON position.

If you're no fond of Live Photos and prefer to snap still images then disabling Settings > Photos & Camera > Preserve Settings > Live Photo and turning off Live Photo mode in Camera should be perfect for you.

iOS 10.2 software update also has brought bulk of new features and improvements such as 100 New Emoji, SOS Feature for iPhone and of course New TV App.