Wednesday, January 11, 2017

How To Quickly Setup Email Accounts On iOS 10 iPhone

If you have just bought new device it would be useful for you to learn how to setup email accounts on iOS 10 iPhone. There’s the default Mail app, ready to help you out. But if you want more help dealing with your email, there are a plethora of email apps on the App Store. Let’s set up your first email account on your new iOS 10 iPhone. Please follow easy steps below.

How To Setup Email Accounts On iOS 10 iPhone

No matter if you have a Google, Yahoo, Outlook, Exchange, iCloud or an Aol account, iOS makes it really easy to add these accounts to the settings app. Once you do that, you can start syncing supported services like email, calendars, contacts, notes and more.

Step 1: In order to setup email accounts on iOS 10 iPhone launch the “Settings” app and select “Mail”.

Step 2: Click on “Accounts” and select “Add Account”.

Step 3: Then select the service of your choice from the list. In this example, we're going with Google.

Step 4: You’ll then be asked to enter your email and password. If you’ve got 2-factor authentication enabled, you’ll have a page for that as well.

Step 5: Once your account is linked, you’ll be asked what all services you want to enable. Here, Email will be checked automatically. Optionally, you can select to enable calendar and contacts sync for the account as well.

Once this is done, just launch the Mail app and wait for a while for new emails to show up.

One of the biggest problems with using the Mail app with a Google account is that it doesn’t support push notifications. It means that you won’t be notified the exact second a new email comes in. And by default, it’s possible that the method is set for manual fetch, meaning you won’t even see any new email until you open the Mail app. To fix that from the “Mail” section in Settings, pick the Google account in question and then click on “Fetch New Data”. If getting emails frequently is important for you, select 15 minutes, which is the most frequent option available.