Thursday, February 16, 2017

Aerial Tweak Adds Splash Of Color To Status Bar Icons In iOS 10

A new Cydia tweak dubbed as Aerial offers users the ability to add splash of color to Status Bar icons in iOS 10. The tweak has been developed by a team known as PolyTweaks, and popular graphical designer Surenix, but the developer behind its creation stayes anonymous.

How To Add Splash Of Color To Status Bar Icons

As you can see on the image example below, Aerial tweak allows you to assign colors to Status Bar icons by individually. Normally all of these icons are black in lighter interfaces or white in darker interfaces. But they look so much more alive after the paint job has been applied to them.

So if you want to try to add splash of color to your Status Bar icons in iOS 10 then visit Cydia’s BigBoss repo and download the tweak for $1.99. Note this tweak works great with devices jailbroken with the Yalu iOS 10 jailbreak.

After installation, Aerial will add a preferences pane to the Settings app, where you can configure the colors for each Status Bar icon that is in the list. As you can see pretty much any icon you can possibly imagine from iOS’s Status Bar library can be configured with a custom color. There are 11 colors available for configurations. 

It is worth noting that the colored Status Bar icons are only visible when you’re in an app, so if you are on the Home screen, Lock screen, or even Notification Center for that matter, then the icons will still appear in their typical mono-colored glory. So keep that in mind. But as most of the time when you're using iPhone or iPad, you're doing some kind of an activity in an app so you 'll have enough time to look at changed Status Bar icons.

Personally I like Aerial jailbreak tweak as although it brings only aesthetic change my iPhone Status Bar icons now look more colorful.