Tuesday, February 14, 2017

New Cydia Release Lets You Assign Gestures To Touch ID

If you ever wanted to assign gestures to Touch ID on your iPhone then read this post. You might be familiar with the Cydia tweak Activator which offers a range of gestures to be used for performing custom actions. Developer Michele Primavera created FingerTouch a new jaibreak tweak that utilizes the same concept, but for Touch ID. It allows you to use various Touch ID gesture to perform specific actions. 

How To Assign Gestures To Touch ID On iOS 10 iPhone

So in order to assign gestures to Touch ID on iPhone head to Cydia and grab FingerTouch tweak for free. Currently this tweak offers five different gestures. For instance you can tap on it, tap and hold on it, or even triple-tap on it to make certain things happen, like toggling the flashlight. 

It is also possible to assign a custom action to any of these gestures. Here are all the actions that are available right now:
  • Lock your device
  • Navigate to Home screen
  • Launch App Switcher
  • Turn on or turn off the flashlight
  • Take a screenshot
  • Launch Reachability
  • Switch to the last open app
  • Invoke Siri
  • Turn on/off rotation lock
  • Launch Control Center or Notification Center
  • Close the current app

Once the tweak is installed you can configure it from the dedicated preferences pane that it will add to Settings app. From there, you can assign all the above described actions to any Touch ID gesture. Once you're done with configurations you don't need to respring your device to save changes, which is really convenient.

Since the tweak requires a Touch ID sensor, it won’t work with devices older than the iPhone 5s, so keep this in mind.

The tweak offers quite similar functionality to a tweak called Touchr. But Touchr is a paid tweak FingerTouch in its turn is available for free. So if you don't want to spend money, then FingerTouch is a great choice.