Monday, February 20, 2017

New Jailbreak Tweak Makes The Messages App Translucent In iOS 10

You can make the iOS 10 Messages app translucent if you are get bored with plain and white look of this stock app on your device. If you have jailbroken iOS 10 device you can use a new Cydia release dubbed as TranslucentMessages that takes a boring UI and gives it some fancy translucent visuals. Let's see how it works.

How To Make The Messages App Translucent In iOS 10

To get started you should go to Cydia and download TranslucentMessages for free on your jailbroken iOS 10 iPhone and install it. The tweak will add a preferences pane to the Settings app where you can toggle the translucent effects on or off:

As you use Messages, you’ll be able to make out any interface that was just behind it before you launched the app. In this case, it’s my Home screen wallpaper, and you can see a silhouette of it behind the app’s UI.

These effects take place throughout the app, from the conversation list view, to the conversation itself, to even the Details pane of the conversation.

The tweak's effects don’t hinder the legibility of text and images at all, so if you happen to like the way the tweak looks, you can rest assured it’s not going to make reading harder on your eyes. TranslucentMessages works great with iMessage or SMS, and it even looks good with stickers and images that you might send or receive in addition to text messages.

It should be mentioned that TranslucentMessages tweak doesn't have any influence on the Messages app functionality so the app will continue to work as usual. It simply changes the look and feel of the app while retaining all of its features that you enjoy most.

So if you want to make the iOS 10 Messages app translucent with stunning blur effects then TranslucentMessages is a great choice. Even that the idea isn’t actually new, but it’s nice to see some unusual enhancements breathed into Messages app in iOS 10.