Wednesday, February 15, 2017

New Tweak Unifies iOS Notifications Into Groups On The Lock Screen

If you get tons of notifications every day and don't have time to look thought them one by one then new jailbreak tweak Unify by SpiritOfLogic helps to simplify your task unifying iOS notifications into groups on the Lock screen and in Notification Center.

As you can see the picture above Unify tweak really frees up space on the screen. What is more iOS 10 normally only sorts notifications by time received, whereas Unify manages to provide a much cleaner look and feel that makes your notifications seem more organized thanks to being sorted on a per-app basis.

For instance, if you have received 2 notifications from Twitter, they will be grouped under one notification rather than as separate notifications. Consequently, the notifications take up much less space, lets you quickly read them and keeps the Lock screen and Notification Center clutter-free.

So if you’re interested in trying Unify tweak then it is available for $1.99 from Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Note that this tweak supports jailbroken iOS 10 devices only. Once you install Unify, it will add a preferences pane to the Settings app where you have some options for configuration:

As there are a number of settings to configure here, you can configure the way the notifications look, and also the way they behave. It’s also pretty nice that you can separate the functionality between the Lock screen and Notification Center, as this gives you the flexibility to use the tweak’s feature where you want to and nowhere else.

Unify offers an interesting way to free up space by unifying iOS notifications into groups on the Lock screen and Notification Center. There is an another tweak called PriorityHub that offers similar functionality, although it doesn’t support iOS 10 yet. So at this point Unify tweak is the best choice for jailbroken iOS 10 device.