Thursday, March 9, 2017

3DSwitcher 2 Brings A 3D Visual Effect To iPhone’s App Switcher

If you have jailbroken device you can bring a 3D visual effect to iPhone’s App Switcher with new Cydia release. This is not a secret that the App Switcher is the most useful feature on your iPhone. It is the main point for accessing and managing your open applications and you probably use it more frequently than any other iOS feature. With the iOS 10 release it received a minor enhancements in terms of aesthetics, and 3DSwitcher 2 brings a bulk of 3D visual effects which can be applied to App Switcher in iOS 9 and iOS 10.

By default in iOS 10 the App Switcher has a two-dimensional appearance, but 3DSwitcher 2 changes this and offers a three-dimensional options. You can peek from over seven different types of 3D effects. 

Words don’t really do 3DSwitcher 2 justice, but rest assured, because the tweak’s developer has a YouTube video in which things are shown off in all their glory: 

So if you're interested in trying all that effects then you can download 3DSwitcher 2 from Cydia’s BigBoss repository for only $1.99. Those who have the older version of the tweak, called 3DSwitcher, can grab this updated version for $0.99.

Once the tweak is installed to get started head to its preferences pane in Settings app. There you can select the three-dimensional effects that should be applied to your App Switcher. There is no need to respring your device as the 3D effects will be applied right away. What is more, it lets you quickly visualize the selected 3D effect and pick the one which looks the best for you.

Apart from this, the 3DSwitcher 2 preferences pane offers you options to turn on/off the tweak, and toggling on the fading, scaling or rolling of app icons as you scroll across the App Switcher.

Bringing a 3D visual effect to iPhone’s App Switcher 3DSwitcher 2tweak gives it a more pleasant look and feel. Any feature that is used very frequently, like the App Switcher, surely needs a little customization from time to time.