Thursday, March 2, 2017

ColorFlow 3 Colorizes Now Playing Screen On iOS 10 iPhone

A new Cydia tweak dubbed as ColorFlow 3 by David Goldman colorizes Now Playing screen on iOS 10 iPhone based on the dominant color of the album artwork. So if you are music fan then you'll like the tweak as it changes the way your Now Playing interface looks depending on what you’re listening to.

On the screenshot example above you can see that ColorFlow 3 changes not only the background, but also smaller details across the interface, such as the sliders, text, and Status Bar icons to match the album art’s strongest colors, which is really cool.

So what exactly does ColorFlow 3 (iOS 10) can do? In a nutshell, once installed, the tweak will take the album artwork of the song currently being played and then use its color palette to add a splash of color to the user interface of either the stock Apple Music app or the Spotify app.

The iOS Lock screen will also receive the same color accents as well, making things look even more awesome when your device is locked.

It should be noted that even if you’re not using the stock Music app that comes on your iOS 10 iPhone, ColorFlow 3 is also fully compatible with such third-party app like Spotify Music app:

At this point the tweak works only with the Apple Music and Spotify apps. The support for other third-party music apps will be built into the tweak soon. 

So if you're jailbroken on iOS 10 and want to try ColorFlow 3 tweak then go straight to Cydia and grab the tweak for $1.99. Those who own any previous version(s) of ColorFlow, then the tweak is available for a discounted upgrade price of $0.99.

ColorFlow 3 comes with preferences pane that will be added to the Settings app once you install it. From there, you can choose the apps that are affected by the tweak, as well as what happens on the Lock screen:

ColorFlow 3 is aesthetic tweak that doesn’t change the way your music controls work or how you listen to your music, but it colorizes Now Playing screen on your iOS 10 iPhone making look special.