Friday, March 17, 2017

How To Backup iOS 10 iPhone Using iTunes Or iCloud

In this post we will show you how to backup iOS 10 iPhone using iTunes or iCloud. Backup is a cool thing that saves your personal info in case something goes wrong on you device, for instance the jailbreak can crash your device. In such cases it is always good to have your data in save place. There are few ways to do it.

How To Backup iOS 10 iPhone Using iTunes

Using iTunes for back and sync is the both the easiest and the most complicated. If you sync periodically, and you have the same Mac or PC and the same iTunes library over the years, everything will work fine.

All you have to do is to connect your iOS 10 iPhone to the PC, and it starts to sync and backup (data from your contacts, SMS, app data, music, photo, and videos). iTunes gives you control over what exactly you want to sync. 

Here’s a pro tip: Enable Wi-Fi sync from your device screen in iTunes. This means you won’t need to connect your iPhone to back it up. Just periodically hit the backup button on iTunes when you’re working, and the iPhone will do the rest.

The problem is that iTunes is complicated and troublesome. You can sync your iOS device with only one iTunes library. And for some reason, if it gets corrupted or you lose your Mac, you’ll basically need to start over again. This could mean wiping your entire iPhone. That just doesn’t make sense.

 How To Backup iOS 10 iPhone Using iCloud

If you have an iCloud account and prefer Wi-Fi connection, you can also backup your iPhone data through iCloud. But you should pay for iCloud storage. The 5 GB you get for free, but it just isn’t enough to even back up your phone data. 50 GB of space for just $0.99/month is enough to back up your entire device, with photos.

The main reason you should use iCloud to backup your data is that once you enabled your iPhone it will back itself up to the cloud every night, as long as your device is charging. 

To set up iCloud sync, launch the Settings app, pick iCloud and from Backup, turn on iCloud Backup. From Photos section, also turn on iCloud Photo Library.

Having an iCloud backup ensures that important details in your iOS 10 iPhone are never lost. Plus, iCloud will automatically back up new data when it’s charging at night.

Now you know how to backup iOS 10 iPhone using iTunes or iCloud. There are also alternative apps to iTunes that you can use to backup your data. You can use apps like iMazing or AnyTrans, that will export or import data like music or photos any time you need.