Monday, March 6, 2017

How To Improve The iPhone Volume HUD In iOS 10

There many jailbreak tweaks in Cydia that aim to improve the iPhone volume HUD and here is another one dubbed as ByeByeHUD. With iOS 10 release Apple haven't brought any enhancements to the volume HUD. The volume HUD appears when you press the volume buttons to adjust the device’s volume and covers a significant part of the screen hiding what’s behind it. Midkin, developer behind the tweak, designed ByeByeHUD replaces the stock volume HUD with minimalistic volume indicators and fix the issue by relocating it to the top of the screen. Here is how this tweak works.

How To Improve Volume HUD On iOS 10 iPhone

If you want to improve the iPhone volume HUD then navigate to Cydia’s BigBoss repo and grab ByeByeHUD tweak absolutely for free. What is really great is that the tweak supports all jailbroken iOS 10, 9 and 8 devices. ByeByeHUD brings a dedicated preferences pane in the Settings app. From there you turn the tweak on/off on demand and pick the theme you want to use.

Once the tweak is installed, it will relocates the volume HUD to the top of the screen, just like other jailbreak tweaks before it. Here, it’s out of the way and doesn’t hinder your access to the screen to play games or watch videos.

The big advantage is that ByeByeHUD tweak includes three themes you can pick from. Such which is a feature normally only seen in paid releases:

These themes include The Bar View, The Slider View and The Minimal View. The Minimal View theme will show the percentage of the current volume while the other two will show progress bar like sliders. 

So if you don't want to pay money and relocate the annoying iPhone volume HUD then ByeByeHUD is the best choice for you. There are no complicated settings to configure, just install the tweak and choose the theme you want.