Friday, March 24, 2017

How To Mask Notifications Based On Keywords Or Names In iOS 10

If you take care about your personal information on your device you can now mask notifications based on keywords in iOS 10. Of course you feel uncomfortable when someone look over your shoulder trying to see what and who you’re texting. A new Cydia release known as MaskMe10 by RIshanan gives you some peace of mind by providing you with masking options for your incoming message notifications.

At first glance this tweak sounds similar to a recently released tweak called NotifyCensored, but MaskMe10 tweak works differently, so go on reading.

How To Mask Notifications Based On Keywords Or Specific Names 

MaskMe10 tweak allows you to filter incoming message notifications from certain people or that contain certain keywords. If a message you receive meets either of the aforementioned criteria, then the tweak will mask your notification with any customized placeholder text you want. If it doesn’t meet either of the criteria, then you’ll see the notification as it was intended to be shown in the first place.

So to get ability to mask notifications based on keywords in iOS 10 you should install MaskMe10 tweak that is available from Cydia’s BigBoss repo for free. You can configure the tweak from the Settings app, where you’ll find a new preferences pane dedicated strictly to MaskMe10’s filtering options:

In tweak's preference pane you'll find a switch for toggling the tweak on or off, as well as toggle switches for each of the individual features. Under each section, you can pick your filters; the tweak gives you filtering options based on both name and message content.

To hide messages from certain people, you can simply enter their name (separate multiple names by semicolons) into the name field. Then, pick a name you want to appear in its place instead whenever someone with a saved name messages you.

To hide messages containing certain a keyword(s), you will enter the keyword (separate multiple words by semicolons) into the content field, and the MaskMe10will filter any messages that contain your predefined word(s) and replace the message content with your chosen placeholder text instead.