Friday, March 24, 2017

How To Permanently Delete Facebook Account On iOS 10 iPhone

If you want to know how to permanently delete Facebook account on iPhone then go on reading this post. There are few reasons you want to delete your Facebook account. It can be certain issues such as obscene contents on your profile or excessive friend requests from strangers. However, you can also deactivate your account temporarily, if you don't want to delete it forever. How to differentiate these two concepts.

Deactivating the account means that most of what exists now as your Facebook profile will get temporarily cleared, but you can reactivate at any time you want. Your personal info, pictures and posts stay with Facebook even though it’s not visible to any of your friends or anyone else during this time.

Deleting your account means it’s gone forever. If you ever decide to rejoin Facebook, you’d have to create a brand new one from scratch with new posts, friends, photos and settings.

How To Permanently Delete Facebook Account On iPhone

If you for some personal reasons want to get rid of your account just follow a few simple steps below.

Step 1. Click on More from the bottom right corner.

Step 2. Scroll down and tap on Help Center listed under Settings.

Step 3. Click on Editing your Account.

Step 4. Click on Deactivating & Deleting Your Account.

Step 5. Click on How do I permanently delete my account.

Step 6. Make sure to read the after effects of deleting your account. Click on let us know.

Step 7. Enter your password to confirm deletion.

That's it. You've just permanently deleted your Facebook account on iPhone. Note that it can take up to 90 days to permanently erase everything that is tied to you account after you put in the request. All of your personal data immediately becomes inaccessible, but it could still remain on Facebook’s servers till the purge processes will be completed.